Dónde está (2002)

Directed by Juan Carlos Claver


Juan Carlos Claver

Production Companies

Dacsa Produccions, Kines Producciones, Miracle produccions, Jaleo Films



Running time

90 min.


January 25, 2002



Pedro Nueda and his girlfriend compete on the television program ¿Dónde está? Pedro tells his sad life story. His first failed relationship and the disappearance of his second wife four years before. His girlfriend wants to become the mother of his daughter. The parents of the missing woman watch the television program with a mixture of anger, disbelief and sadness. They remember what happened and hope that Pedro can't go back to his old ways by getting the investigation reopened.

At the trial, Pedro's friends, girlfriends, say that he himself confessed on several occasions. The case is solved and the truth is revealed. The sentence, however, will not be for life.

In co-production with FORTA



Jorge Bosch
Gloria Muñoz
Juan Diego
Elvira Minguez
Cristina Plaza
Pilar Punzano
Enrique Escudero
Maria Ballesteros


Director Juan Carlos Claver
Director of photography Federico Ribes
Sound José Sospedra Aguado
Music Alejandro Ibáñez
Casting Amado Cruz
Editing Rosa Maria Harto
Screenplay Agustin Madariaga y Juan Carlos Claver
Production manager José Jaime Linares
Line director Xavier Crespo
Executive Producer Juan Carlos Claver