Iberia (2005)

Directed by Carlos Saura


Carlos Saura

Production Companies

Dacsa Produccions, Morena FIlms, Wild Bunch, Jaleo Films y Estrategia.



Running time

99 min.


January 14, 2005



'Iberia' is an intense journey and a celebration that unites the passionate heart of flamenco, in its most intense discipline and a very high display of skill, together with classical music, ballet and contemporary dance. Carlos Saura has decided to work with the greatest living talents in Spain, combining them like never before and achieving the best delivery from each of them.

Inspired by the work of the Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909), IBERIA is a film that uniquely integrates the components of a musical. Saura's camera becomes one more artist and shares the preparation, rehearsals and gradual gestation of each performance. Saura presents us with a dramatic and moving universe, a world of passion and creativity.

In co-production with TeleMadrid
With the support of Eurimages
With the participation of Canal Sur Televisión, Televisió de Catalunya, Telemadrid, Televisió Valenciana, TV Canaria, Canal + España.
With the support of ICAA, MEDIA

Premio Goya
for Mejor Fotografía
Nominated for a Goya for Mejor Documental

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Director Carlos Saura
Productor Álvaro Longoria
Co-producers Vicent Maraval, Jorge Farré
Associate producers Xavier Crespo, Gregorio Marañón y Beltrán de Lis, Ken NAkagawa, Pilar Benito, Ricardo Fernández-Deu, Álvaro Alonso
Music Roque Baños
Editing Julián Juániz
Line director Yoisaf Boukhari
Director of photography José Luis López-Linares
Assistant director Saura Medrano
Cameras Julio Madruga, Teo Delgado
Post-production Director Marian Briozzo
Production design Carlos Saura
Mixing Alfonso Pino
Sound editor Charly Schmukler
Sound director José Vinader
Costume design Sonia Grande
Hairdresser Pepa Juez
Make-up Gregorio Ros



Sara Baras
Antonio Canales
Aída Gómez
Estrella Morente
Manolo Sanlúcar
Enrique Morente
Chano Domínguez
Rosa Torres- Prado
José Antonio
José Antonio Rodríguez
Jorge Pardo
Gerardo Núñez
Patrick de Bana
Miguel Ángel Berna
Marta Carrasco
María Fernández



  • Festival de Cine de Toronto (Canadá)
  • Festival de Cine de Guadalajara (México)
  • Festival de Cine de Medellín (Colombia)
  • Semana de Cine de Valladolid SEMINCI (España)
  • Documentamadrid (España)