Terra de festivals (2019)

Directed by Pau Berga


Pau Berga


Dacsa Produccions and Tresdeu Media for À Punt Mèdia



Running time

6 chapters of 52 mins.


January 25, 2019



«Terra de Festivals» wants to be a complete visual showcase for one of the main cultural and economic drivers of our territory: festivals. We highlight its vast musical list and link it with the cultural and tourist heritage of the towns where they are held.

We will have the voice of its main protagonists, the musicians, whether they are international, state or Valencian. But also of the people who welcome them, of those personalities that make these massive appointments possible.

Obligatory stops at the FIB, Rototom, Low, Arenal, Medusa or Leyendas del Rock.

Terra de festivals. Temporada 1Ver todos los capítulos



Director Pau Berga
Producer Marc Martínez
Presenter/Editor Javier Ivàñez
Camera Yousef Doud Ortells, Jesús Ponce, Sara Almonacid
Editors Carlos Pérez de Ziriza, Pablo Plaza
Line director Òscar Piera y Xavier Crespo
Production manager Laura Hueso
Production assistant Sandra Aragó
Editing Alicia Arnau, Carles Bargues, Jordi Montañana
Production secretary Lucía Ros, Iris Suñer
Sound Post-production Fernando Gisbert, Carlos Vera
Executive Producer Xavier Crespo, Pau Berga y Òscar Piera

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